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Kikuyu - introduced (*Pennisetum clandestinum)

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Native to eastern Africa. Perennial. C4.

Family. Poaceae (Grass family).


It is often planted in nature strips and lawns. It grows best in well-watered sandy soil. The flowers have one to five spikelets totally or partly enclosed in the upper leaf sheath.

Buffalo Grass differs in that its ligule is a fringed membrane, 0.5-1mm long, and its leaves are blunt-ended, and its flowers are spikes. Couch Grass is much more slender, and has windmill flowers.

penna: feather, seta: a bristle, referring to the feathery bristles of some species;
clandestinum: bearing hidden, invisible flowers.

1. Creeping habit of Kikuyu. 2: It spreads from creeping stems Doveton St, Castlemaine. 3: The flowers are almost hidden by the upper leaves. Essendon.