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Hillman's Pan-grass -introduced (*Panicum hillmanii)

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panic panic panic panic panic

Native to North America. Annual.

Family. Poaceae (Grass family).


A summer grass, it grows strongly in mid summer.

It is fairly common and favours roadside drains.

Coolah Grass (Panicum coloratum) differs in that its first lemma has anthers. A similar grass, Rigid Panic (Walwhalleya proluta) differs in that its first glume is more than half the length of the spikelet.

Photos top 1: Typical weedy habitat. 2: Two spikelets. The first glume is less than half the length of the spikelet. The 1st lemma and 2nd glume are similar in size. The 2nd lemma is hidden by the glumes and 1st lemma. 3: The partly open spray.
Lower 4: The open spray. 5: Mature spray. All: Castlemaine.