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Coolah Grass - introduced (*Panicum coloratum)

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panic panic panic

Native to tropical Africa. Perennial.

Family. Poaceae (Grass family).


Coolah Grass differs from the other panics (in Victoria) in that the lower floret in each spikelet has anthers. In other panics the floret is empty. The upper floret is bisexual.

The flower branches are less widely divergent than in Hillmans Pan-grass. A similar grass, Rigid Panic (Walwhalleya proluta) differs in that its first glume is more than half the length of the spikelet.

Coolah Grass is sometimes planted as crop.

Panicum: Millet. coloratum: coloured.

1, 2: Part of a flower spray. The stamens in the lower spikelet can be seen. Mostyn St, Castlemaine, outside the supermarket. 3: Flower cluster. Harcourt.