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Wheel Pear - a weed (*Opuntia robusta)

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Family: Cactaceae (Cactus family).

Native of Mexico.

Occurrence: Wheel Pear is abundant in the Maldon and Baringhup districts.


  • it is a prickly pear with round, almost circular stems.
  • Wheel Pear is a noxious weed and listed as Regionally Controlled in central Victoria.

    Many species and varieties of prickly pears are grown in gardens, and most wild prickly pear populations are garden escapes. The flattened stems have sharp spines. The fruits are barrel-shaped.

    Similar species: Other prickly pears which are weeds have narrow, elliptical-shaped stems.

    Photos Wheel Pear. Baringhup, Tarrengower and Baringhup.

    2: Steep terrain makes control more difficult. 3: Photo c 1980. 4: Seedlings.
    5, 6: The "pears". 7: In flower.
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