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Serrated Tussock -introduced (*Nassella trichotoma)

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Native to South America. Perennial. c3.

Family. Poaceae (Grass family).

Other names: *Stipa trichotoma.


It forms leafy tussocks. It differs from other spear grasses in the small lemma size (to 2mm) and the oblong shape of the lemma. The awns are 2 - 3.5cm long, and are more or less straight. The flower cluster is very open, and the entire cluster breaks off at maturity.

It is a noxious weed and listed as Regionally Prohibited in central Victoria. It is also an environmental weed.

It is an environmental weed.

The ligule differs from similar grasses. It is about 1mm long, white and has a rounded tip. The leaves are narrow and rounded.

A weed species of pastures that can crowd out more palatable grasses.

Nassella: from nassa a narrow-necked wicker basket; ella: diminutive, referring to the shape of the floret of some species; trika: three-fold; tomos: piece, flower branches produced in threes.

1: Patch of Serrated Tussock near Melbourne. 2: Lemma 3: Flower clusters. 4: Tussock.