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Texas Needlegrass -introduced (*Nassella leucotricha)

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needlegrass needlegrass needlegrass needlegrass needlegrass

Native to southern North America. c3.

Family. Poaceae (Grass family).

Other names: Stipa leucotricha.


The crown with stiff bristles on the rim, at the junction of the lemma and awn is distinctive.

A weed species of pastures that can crowd out more desirable grasses.

Nassella: from nassa a narrow-necked wicker basket; ella: diminutive, referring to the shape of the floret of some species; leuco: white; tricha hair.

1, 2: Texas Needlegrass at Taradale. 3: The crown at the lemma apex has stiff hairs. 4: Tussock. 5: Tangled flower cluster. Taradale.