Wild plants of the Castlemaine district


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Noxious weeds are declared as such under the appropriate state government legislation. They are usually weeds that impact on primary production. Environmental weeds are less formally defined. They are weeds that impact on native vegetation and plant associations.

A full list of noxious weeds and the categories of noxious weeds can be obtained from the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) website.

The categories, briefly summarised are below. See the website for details.

Regionally Controlled weeds are usually widespread. Landowners must make reasonable steps to prevent further spread.

Regionally Prohibited weeds are usually not widely distributed. The aim should be to eradicate these weeds.

Regionally Restricted weeds have a risk of spreading further. Trade in these weeds, or spreading in hay, is prohibited.

The environmental weeds identified in the plant descriptions in this publication have been noted as invading native vegetation communities in the district.