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All images by Ern Perkins except where otherwise indicated.

Photographs were contibuted by
Wendy French. Caper Spurge (Maldon).
Geraldine Harris. Dark Midge Orchid photos.
Bonnie Humphreys. Isotes drummondii, Lobelia anceps, Maireana enchylaenoides, Montia fontana, Mysotis discolor, Neopaxia australasica and Elatine gratioloides
Karl Just. Common Ruddyhood, Matted Flax-lily.
Christine Kilmartin. Emerald-tip Greenhood.
Pat and Bill Murphy, Field Naturalists Club of Ballarat. Anchor Plant (Lal Lal).
Anne Perkins. Lemon Scented Gums, Yellow Gums (Both at Newstead).
Max Schlachter. Honeypots, Cranberry Heath, Silver Wattle, Spreading Wattle, Bursaria, Black-anther Flax-lily, Bitter Cryptrandra, Wedge-pea, Common Raspwort, Spur Velleia, Bushy Needlewood, Stiff Geebung, Heath Teatree, Dwarf and Smooth Rice-flowers.
Peter Turner. image of Boronia anemonifolia on Home page.

Herbarium specimens. The following have provided herbarium specimens at various times (some more than 40 years ago) which have been used in preparing this material: Cliff Beauglehole, Garry Cheers, Don Franklin, Ian Higgins, Bonnie Humphreys, Bill Perry, Fred Rogers, Geoff Sitch, and Marilyn Sprague.

Proof Reading. Thanks to Geraldine Harris, Lesley Perkins, Margaret Panter, Richard Piesse, Felicity Renowden and Peter and Rosemary Turner, who undertook the onerous task of proof-reading.