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This publication is based on the Castlemaine Plant List Edition 13. This list included species found growing wild within about a 25km radius. It included parts of Mandurang, Lockwood, Daylesford and Kyneton. The present publication is for a smaller area; the Mt Alexander Shire and Porcupine Ridge and Fryers Ridge. It is not known if some or many of the historical records for Mt Alexander are in the Shire or not.

Plants within the Shire and not treated here because photos are lacking include:
Isoetes muelleri (Rock Quillwort). A. C.Beauglehole record for Mt Alexander.
Pinus sabiniana (Digger Pine). Mt Alexander and Castlemaine Botanic Gardens.
Narcissus pseudonarcissus (Daffodil).
Carex breviculmis (Common Grass-sedge). Mt Alexander, Barkers Creek and Fryers Ridge.
Cyperus lucidus (Leafy Flat-sedge). Vaughan.
Ixia polystachya (Variable Ixia). Scattered.
Triglochin nana. Dwarf Arrowgrass. Mt Alexander.
Caladenia reticulata (Veined Spider-orchid). Historical record for Faraday.
Calochilus campestris (Copper Beard-orchid). Historical record for Smiths Reef.
Thelymitra luteocilium (Fringed Sun-orchid). Historical record for Smiths Reef.
Agrostis gigantea (Red-top bent). Mt Alexander.
Avellinia michellii (Avellinia). Smiths Reef.
Sambucus gaudichaudiana (White Elderberry). Mt Alexander.
Millotia perpusilla (Tiny Bow-flower). Mt Alexander.
Cardamine paucijuga (Annual Bitter-cress). Mt Alexander.
Phyllangium sulcatum (Rock Mitrewort) Smiths Reef, Fryers Ridge.
Pterostylis squamata Nuggetty.
Castilleja exserta ssp exserta. (Purple Owl-clover). Walmer.
Caesia parviflora. Fryers Ridge.
Lomandra collina.
Erigeron karvinskiatus (Baby's Tears). Water race, Eureka diggings. Doubtful record.
Onopordum acianthum (Scotch Thistle).
All of these are rare to very rare locally.