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Small Hair-grass - introduced (*Molineriella minuta)

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Native to the Mediterranean region.

Family. Poaceae (Grass family).

Other names: Periballia elongatum.


It is a small, delicate grass and resembles the other hair grasses (Aira species). It differs in that the lemmas are not awned, and the lemmas protrude slightly above the glumes. As with the other hair grasses it has two lemmas.

Uncommon. All of the local records are from cemeteries e.g. Guildford Cemetery. It may be more common than this, as it could easily be overlooked, or confused with the other hair grasses.

Photos all: The flower spray is very open. The glumes are about 1.5mm long. Clunes.

Molinia: a kind of grass (e.g. Purple Moor-grass), named in honour of I. Molineri, 1741-1818, director of the Turin botanical gardens; ella diminutive.