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Onion Orchids (Microtis species)

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Family: Orchidaceae (Orchid family).

Natives of Eastern Australia.

The onion orchids have small green usually crowded flowers. The leaves are round and onion-like. They are very common and can grow in profusion. They flower in late spring.

Slender Onion Orchid (Microtis parviflora)

It is common and widespread.

Common Onion Orchid (Microtis unifolia)

This is the most common of the local onion orchids.

Notched Onion Orchid (Microtis arenaria)

It is the least common of the species.
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Photos: Onion Orchids. 1: Common Onion-orchid. Spring Gully. 2: Slender Onion-orchid. Castlemaine. 3: Notched Onion-orchid. Maldon