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Murnong (Yam Daisy) - a native (Microseris walteri)

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Family: Asteraceae (Daisy Family).

Other names. Myrniong.

Occurrence: Common in forest areas and native grasslands.


Photos L: As in other dandelion-type flowers, the petals are finely toothed .
M: Clump. Fryerstown. R: The nodding buds are distinctive.

In Muelleria vol 34, 2015-2016 (a publication of he Royal Botanic Gardens, Victoria), Neville Walsh describes three Victorian yam species.
M. lanceolata. Mostly alpine or sub-alpine. Roots cylindrical, branched just below rhe surface.
M. scapigera. Mostly on basalt plains.. Roots cylindrical or long-tapered.
M. walteri. Widespread. With large tuber. The aboriginal food plant.