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Tree Violet - a native (Melicytus dentata)

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Family: Violaceae (Violet Family).

Native of eastern Australia.

Other names: fomerly known as Hymenanthera dentata.

Occurrence: Widespread. Uncommon to rare in heathy dry forests. A common shrub of the basalt plains.


Similar species: *Boxthorn is a spiny shrub. It has shorter, green untoothed leaves, pale bluish flowers, and a green fruit that turns red when ripe. Sweet Bursaria is less spiny, and has white flowers in summer. Its fruit are flat and heart-shaped and turn dark brown when ripe.

Photos 1, 5: In flower. Wangaratta.
2: Tree Violet in flower. Wrightley.
3: Branches are often lichen-covered. Basalt plain at Barfold.
4: In fruit. Wangaratta.

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