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Rye Grass - introduced (*Lolium species)

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Perennial Rye-grass (*Lolium perenne) and Wimmera Rye Grass (*L. rigidum)

rye grass rye grass rye grass

Native to the Mediterranean region (L. rigidum ) and Europe, north Africa and Asia (L. perenne).


Both are common and widespread. Both are environmental weeds.

Perennial Rye-grass (L. perenne). The glumes are half to three quarters the length of the spikelets. The stems and nodes are green (not red) and the stem is typically about 1mm thick.

Wimmera Rye-grass (L. rigidum.) The glumes are three quarters to equal to the length of the spikelets. The stems and particularly the nodes are reddish and the stems are more than 1mm thick.

1. Perennial Rye Grass. 2, 3: The spikelets of the second specimen have started to dry off. Metcalfe.

Lolium: Latin name for Darnel (Lolium temulentum.); perenne: perennial; rigidum: stiff, inflexible.