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Sword-sedges and Rapier-sedges - natives (Lepidosperma species)

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Sword-sedges and Rapier-sedges are plants of the dry forests, not aquatic places. The leaves are long and tufted from the base. Leaves (in local forests) are typically 30-50cm long, and can resemble the leaves of some mat-rushes. The flowers are dark coloured. The leaves may be flat or almost cylindrical.

Variable Sword Sedge (Lepidosperma laterale).

img img The flowering stalks are flattened. Widespread.
Flowers. Walmer.

Wire Rapier-sedge (Lepidosperma semiteres)

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Flowering stalk variable, almost round, but with an angled or flattened edge. Flowers scattered.
<div id =Wire Rapier Sedge. Glenluce.

Rapier Sedge (Lepidosperma curtisiae)

elcur Flowering stalk rigid, almost round. Leaves resemble the flowering stalks. Flowers few, clustered. Scattered localities.