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Burgan - introduced or native (Kunzea phylicoides)

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Family: Myrtaceae (Myrtle family). Other names: Formerly Kunzea ericoides.

Native of SE Australia.

Occurrence: In Victoria it is a widespread and common native plant. It is most common east of Melbourne, and often grows along streams. It occasionally spreads from garden or avenue plants.

Identification: It resembles a tea tree, with which it was once classified. The stamens of kunzeas are much longer than the petals; the stamens of tea trees are shorter or not much longer than the petals.

Burgan is native to parts of Central Victoria, particularly in higher rainfall areas. It was growing at the base of Mt Alexander, but this population is now apparently extinct.

Burgan as a non-indigenous native. The long stamens and stalked flowers help identify this plant. Both: Phoenix Street, Maldon. img1