Plants of the Castlemaine District

Quillwort - native (Isoetes drummondii)



Family: Isoetaceae.

Occurrence. Rare. The local records are for Mt Alexander and Porcupine Flat (Maldon).

The local species is a small grass-like plant that grows in shallow water or wet mud-flats. It is usually only a few centimetres high but may reach 20cm or more.

In the Carboniferous period, the ancestors of quillwort grew to large trees.

Native to southern Australia.


Because of its grass-like appearance, Quillwort can be easily overlooked e.g. see photo 3.

isotes = equal seasons (evergreen); drummondii possibly after J. Drummond, a WA botanist 1774-163.

Photos: Quillwort. Sutton Grange-Elphinstone. Photos by Bonnie Humphreys.