Plants of the Castlemaine District

Yellow Stars - natives (Hypoxis species)

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Family: Hypoxidaceae (Yellow Star family).


Three species have been recorded locally.

Tiny Star (Hypoxis glabella var. glabella). Common.

Yellow Star (Hypoxis vaginata var. vaginata). Fairly common.

Golden Weather-grass (Hypoxis hygrometrica var. villosisepala). Rare.

The difference between the three are:


Photo 1-3: Hypoxis glabella. Castlemaine.


4: Hypoxis glabella. Broad single leaf on flower stalk. Herbarium Specimen. 5. H. vaginata. One of the two narrow leaves on the stalk. 3: H. hygrometrica. Herbarium specimen. Redesdale.