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Small St John's Wort - native (Hypericum gramineum )
and Matted St John's Wort - native (H. japonicum)

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Family: Hypericaceae (St John's Wort Family).

Small St John's Wort is a native of Australia. Matted St John's Wort is native to Australia and eastern Asia.

Occurrence: Small St Johnís Wort is widespread and moderately common. Matted St John's Wort is uncommon.

Identification of Small St. John's Wort:

Photos 1: Small St John's Wort. Maldon. 2,3. Barfold.

4: Matted St John's Wort. Lismore.

Matted St John's Wort (Hypericum japonicum can be recognised by its tufted, spreading habit and its wider (egg-shaped) leaves. It has been recorded for Mt Alexander.

St John's Wort (*Hypericum perforatum) is a larger plant, usually much branched, and with numerous oil-dots in the leaves.