Plants of the Castlemaine District

Northern Barley-grass - introduced (*Hordeum glaucum)

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barley-grass barley-grass barley-grass

Native to the Mediterraneum area and Europe. Annual. C3.

Family. Poaceae (Grass family).

Other names: *Critesion murinum ssp glaucum.

Occurrence: Common.


The outer glumes of the outer spikelets are narrow at the base; the glumes of the inner spikelet and inner glumes of the outer spikelets are widened at the base.

It is an environmental weed.

1: Changing colour with age. Castlemaine. 2: The three spikelets have not been spread. 3: Barley-grass flower clusters.

It differs from Barley-grass in that

glaucum: grey-blue.