Guinea Flowers - native (Hibbertia species)

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Local Guinea Flowers are prostrate to small shrubs. They have bright yellow flowers with 5 petals.

Name. Hibbertia: after George Hibbert, a patron of botany.

Stamens surround the ovary

gf" Grey Guinea-flower (Hibbertia obtusifolia). Spreading or erect small shrub. The relatively large leaves are blunt-pointed and spoon-shaped. Common in the Barfold Conservation Reserve.
Grey Guinea-flower. Barfold.

Bundled Guinea-flower (Hibbertia fasciculata var prostrata)
Small erect shrub with cylindrical bundled leaves. Locally abundant on Fryers Ridge.
Bundled Guinea-flower.The leaves are clusterd into bundles. Fryers Ridge Road, near the old Coach Road.

Stamens bundled, on one side of ovary

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Spiky Guinea-flower (Hibbertia exutiacies)
Prostrate with narrow green leaves. Very conspicuous when in flower. Common in Muckleford and Smiths Reef forests.

Spiky Guinea-flower. Smiths Reef.

Erect guinea-flower (Hibbertia riparia)

Erect small shrub. The sepals (below the petals) curve inwards. Moderately common to the south. Leaves narrow.


Hoary Guinea-flower (Hibbertia incana)
Small spreading shrub. The sepals (below the petals) curve backwards. Leaves flat. Fairly common in granite areas.

Name: incana: grey, hoary.

Hoary Guinea-flower. Maldon.