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Cape Broom - a weed (*Genista monspessulana)

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Other names: Montpellier Broom.

Native of the Mediterranean region.

Occurrence: A widespread and abundant weed. It readily and rapidly colonises cleared and partly cleared land.


Cape Broom is a proclaimed noxious weed and is listed Restricted in central Victoria.

It is a troublesome environmental weed. It produces an abundance of seed which may lie dormant for many years. In the Castlemaine Botanic Gardens, over 1000 seedlings have germinated in a square metre of ground after initial clearance of broom. Cape Broom and Flax-leaf Broom have small root systems and can readily be hand pulled when small.

Photo 1: In flower. 2: Cape Broom readily colonises partly cleared land. 3: It produces abundant seed. The seed is ejected explosively when the pods dry.
4: It can flower profusely. 5: Shrubs can grow to head height. All: Castlemaine district.
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