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Fumitories - introduced (*Fumaria species)

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Family: Fumariaceae (Fumitory family).

Natives of Europe and the Mediterranean region.

Occurrence: Widespread weed in disturbed sites, bushland areas and gardens.


There are several similar species. The commonest are

White fumitory (Fumaria capreolata)

Flowers are white and 9mm long or more.

Wall Fumitory (Fumaria muralis

Flowers usually pink. Fruit stalks are stout and held erect. The smallest leaf divisions rarely more than 2 mm wide. The fruit are squarish at the base.

Bastardís Fumitory (Fumaria bastardii)

Flowers are usually pink. the fruit stalks are slender and slightly curved. The smallest leaf divisions about 3 mm wide. The fruit are rounded.

Dense Fumitory (Fumaria densiflora)

The smallest leaflets are narrow. The flowers are red and almost stalkless, and the sepals are larger than those of other fumitories.

Photos 1: Wall Fumitory is the most common of the local fumitories. Castlemaine.
img4a img4a
2: Wall Fumitory is an apt name for this example. Castlemaine. 3: The white flowers identify this example. White Fumitory. Ocean Grove.
img4 img4
4: Bastard's Fumitory. Castlemaine. The flower and fruit stalks are more slender than those of Wall Fumitory, and the fruit are spherical. 5: Dense Fumitory. Hagues Rd, Barkers Creek. The flowers are almost stalkless.