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Candlebark - native (Eucalyptus rubida)

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Candlebarks are more common in the forests south of Castlemaine. They are moderately common near Elphinstone and Faraday e.g. along Moon's Lane, Ellerys Road and Pollards Road. The white trunks contrast with the rough-barked eucalypts.

Recognise Candlebarks by:

In some of the wetter forests, Candlebark and Manna Gum grow together. Both can grow to tall forest trees. Some of the differences are:

R: Buds and fruit. The fruit were originally in groups of 3, before some fell off.
1: The white trunks of Candlebark contrast with the box and stringybarks. Wewak Track. 2: Loop Track. 3: Pollards Road.
8: Roadside tree. Overlooking Jindabyne. The name rubida means becoming red, or reddish. 9: Candlebark at Cathkin. The round, bluish juvenile leaves make identification of this tree easy. 10: Candlebark at Elphinstone.