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Red Box - native (Eucalyptus polyanthemos)

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Red Box is very common in the central goldfields forests.

Recognise Red Box by:

The box bark and broad, almost circular adult leaves make this an easy tree to recognise. The timber is a reddish colour (hence "Red Box"). imgimgimg
1: Buds are often in terminal sprays. Kaweka. 2: Mature Red Box with mistletoe. Gobur. 3: Flowers. Polyanthemos means many-flowered.
4: Juvenile leave are almost round, and often indented at the tip. 5: Foliage, Spring Gully. The adult leaves are broader than the leaves of other local eucalypts.
6: Red Box overlooking Lake Eildon. 7: Mature Red Box. St Brigid's Church, Maldon.
imgimgimg 8: Red Box, Clay Pits, Campbells Creek.9: Large Red Box. Harker St, Maldon. 10: Red Box bark with short fibres.Kaweka, Castlemaine.