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Messmate - native (Eucalyptus obliqua)

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Messmate is a tree of higher rainfall areas. It is abundant near the communication towers on Mt Alexander, and on Porcupine Ridge and Fryers Ridge. It is a common tree of the Dayelsford and Trentham forests. It grows to a large tree.

Recognise Messmate

1:Juvenile leaves. The spear-shaped leaves are soon replaced by broader, very lop-sided leaves. The Gurdies.

2. The lop-sided juvenile leaves. 3, 4: Dried buds and fruit. Porcupine Ridge.
5: Messmate Trunk. Lauriston bushland. 6: Adult asymmetric leaf. Porcupine Ridge.
7: Messmate on Mt Alexander. A Manna Gum trunk is on the right. 8: Messmate. Great Dividing Trail, Sebastopol Diggings (south of Vaughan).
9: Messmate in coastal heath. Warrnambool. 10. Some of the bark has been taken for kindling. Kinglake Picnic Ground. c1966.