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Mealy Bundy - native (Eucalyptus nortonii)

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Mealy Bundy is similar to Long-leaved Box. It differs in that the buds and fruit are powdered white and the juvenile leaves are silvery (green in Long-leaved Box).

Intermediates between the two species are very common. Mealy Bundy has a scattered distribution. It is moderately common to the south e.g. the southern parts of Strathlea forest, and near Daylesford.

Recognise Mealy Bundy

Sucker leaves can usually be found, even on very old trees.

1, 2: Fruit and buds are powdered white. Mt Beckwith. 3: Buds. Mt Lofty.
4: Juvenile leaves. Porcupine Ridge. 5, 6: Buds and juvenile leaves. Mt Beckwith.
7: Spreading tree. Mt Beckworth. 8: The leaves have a bluish tinge. Sailors Gully.