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Grey Box - native (Eucalyptus microcarpa)

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Grey Box is very common and widespread in the goldfields forests and on the plains of central Victoria.

Recognise Grey Box from

Grey Box is most common on the alluvial flats and forest flats, often growing with Yellow Gum. Both of these two species have a similar growth habit - they are erect with usually Y-shaped branches.

1: Buds. 2: Fruit. 3: The prisoner tree in Goldsmith Crescent. Castlemaine.
5: Grey Box. Culcairn. 6: Sapling Grey Box. Crusoe Reservoir, Kangaroo Flat.
7: Firewood area. Wattle Flat. Most of the other trees were removed, leaving Grey Box. 8: Grey Box. Railway Track (at the tip turnoff), Maldon.
9: Juvenile leaves. 10. Copse. Lockwood Road, Maldon.