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Red Stringybark - native (Eucalyptus macrorhyncha)

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Red Stringybark us a very common and widespread tree in the hilly dry goldfields forests, and is by far the most common local stringybark.

Distinguishing features include

The much less common Small-leaved Brown Stringybark has thick, leathery, smooth and glossy juvenile leaves and glossy adult leaves. Its bark also spirals around the trunk.

1: The distinctive stringy bark. Eureka. 2: A majestic Red Stringybark. Canberra. 3:Leaf.
4.Red Stringybark. Kooyoora. 5: Juvenile leaves. Muckleford. 6. Suckering after fire. Muckleford.
7: Buds are beaked. Eureka. 8; Red Stringybarks are severely affected by drought. Walmer. 9: A wind swept Red Stringybark. Chewton.
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