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Long-leaved Box - native (Eucalyptus goniocalyx)

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Long-leaved Box are very common in the goldfields bushland. It can be recognised by

It differs from Mealy Bundy (E. nortonii) in that Mealy Bundy has buds and fruit that are powdered white (mealy). The leaves of Mealy Bundy are also silvery. The two species merge and intermediate trees are very common in the local heathy dry forests.

Long-leaved Box is also known as Cabbage Box, and is not highly regarded as a firewood tree.

Although called "Long-leaf Box", the leaves of the adult tree are smaller than the leaves of many of the other local eucalypts. The intermediate leaves (the ones between the juvenile and mature stages) can be 30cm long or more.

There are some fine spreading trees growing on granite in Sutton Grange. They also grow along Butterworth Street, the southern section of Farnsworth Street, and around the picnic shelter at the base of Mt Tarrengower.

1, 2, 3: Mature tree, buds and fuit. Golden Point.
4: Spreading tree with Cassinia. Great Dividing Trail, Fryerstown. 5: Spreading tree. Sutton Grange. 6: Juvenile leaves. Muckleford.
imgimgimg 7: Spreading tree. Mt Beckworth. 8: Mature trunk with finely fibrous bark. Mt Beckwith. 9: Sucker leaves after a fire. Muckleford.

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