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Tasmanian Blue Gum - native of Vic and Tas (*Eucalyptus globulus subsp globulus)

Victorian Blue Gum - native of Vic and NSW (*Eucalyptus globulus subsp bicostata)

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Tasmanian Blue-gum is widely planted e.g. along Golden Point Road, at Chewton and beside the lawn tennis courts. Victorian Blue Gum is less often planted. Some are planted in Victoria Gully near Britton St. Both grow to large trees. The bark is often persistent at the base, and falls in ribbons from the upper branches, so that the limbs may be festooned with bark ribbons. The buds and fruit of subspecies globulus are single; those of bicostata are in threes.

Recognise by

VROTS: rare in its natural habitat.


1: Fruit of Tasmanian Bluegum are in 1s. 2, 3: Fruit and buds of Victorian Blue Gum are in 3s.


4: Ribbons of Bark. Maldon Railway Station. 5: Tasmanian Blue Gum. Turner St, Castlemaine. 6: The large juvenile leaves on square stems. Golden Point.


7: Victorian Blue Gum in its natural habitat. Gobur. 8: A mature Tasmanian Blue Gum. Faraday.