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Sugar Gum - native of South Australia (*Eucalyptus cladocalyx)

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Sugar Gum is widely planted. A square of Sugar Gums often marks the site of a now-closed school. Sugar Gums are too large for most street plantings. Variety nana is a much smaller tree and several are planted in Castlemaine streets.

Recognise Sugar Gum:

Many were planted at Kalimna Point, where they have grown to large trees. There are now many more Sugar Gums here from seedlings. There are some large Sugar Gums along the highway at Chewton e.g. near the Eureka Street corner.

1. The distinctive fruit. 2,3: Juvenile leaves. Kalimna Point.
4: Variety nana. Wills Street, Castlemaine. 5: Sugar Gum growing at Kalimna Point.