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River Red Gum - native (Eucalyptus camaldulensis)

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River Red Gums can be recognised by

When growing close together Red Gums may grow to tall, erect trees.

River Red Gums are common along creeks and rivers and in low lying areas. They are sometimes found at much higher elevations. and are common on granite plains.

1 right: The juvenile leaves are stalked, narrow and tapering, and alternate (not in opposite pairs), making Red Gum seedlings very distinctive.

imgimg 2: Red Gum. Loddon River, Baringhup. 2: Majestic Red Gum. Hattah. There has been prolific regeneration along the water's edge.
img2img3img4 3,4: Buds and fruit. Swan Hill. The buds have distictive beaks. 5: Thousands of Red Gum seedlings after intense rain. Bells Swamp.
img 6: Copious colonisation of cleared land after a wet year. Mostly Red Gum with Grey Box and Coffee Bush. Lewis Road.
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