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Blakely's Red Gum - native (Eucalyptus blakelyi)

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Of doubtful occurrence in the Castlemaine district. It grows around Mt Kooyoora, and was recorded for a small area near Axedale by Don Franklin.

Blakely's Red Gum was listed on a plant list for Mt Tarrengower, produced by the then Forests Commission c1970. The list was based on a list produced by Bob Allen of the Bendigo Field Naturalists Club. Subsequent searches by members of the Bendigo and Castlemaine Field Naturalists have failed to find the red gum. When he was asked about the record, Bob said that he thought it was one of my records, but the list was prepared before I came to the district.

Blakely's Red Gum is very similar to the River Red Gum. Key differences include

Photo 1: The buds are long conical. 2: The fruit are similar to those of River Red Gum with strongly exserted valves.


3, 4: The trees resemble River Red Gums. Kooyoora.