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Small-leaved Brown Stringybark - native (Eucalyptus aurifodina)

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Small-leaved Brown Stringybark is much less common than Red Stringybark in local forests. It grows in parts of Muckleford and Smiths Reef forests, along Porcupine Ridge and in the Alma-Talbot district.

It resembles Red Stringybark, but differs in:

It differs from Messmate Stringybark in that

It differs from Brown Stringybark (E. baxteri) in the small leaves, buds and fruit.


Photo 1: Small-leaved Brown Stringybark at the corner of Gower Track and Smith Reef Track were burned in a fuel reduction burn. 2: Small-leaved Brown Stringybark along Loop Track, Porcupine Ridge. The understorey shrubs are Scented Bush-pea.

img2img3img4 3: The distinctive juvenile leaves. 4, 5: Buds and fruit. Smiths Reef.
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