Is it a native?

Blue Devil - a native (Eryngium ovinum)

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Other names: Eryngium rostratum

Family: Apiaceae (Celery family).

Native of southern Australia.

Occurrence: A grassland plant. It grows on basalt and alluvial plains and open woodland.


Blue Devil is an endangered plant in South Australia. It is an attractive plant and makes an excellent garden plant. It dies down over winter but usually re-shoots in warm weather.

It does not show weedy tendencies.

Similar species: The native Pricklefooot (Eryngium vesiculosum) is a prostrate plant, and is more common in southern districts. It does not have the distinctive blue of Blue Devil.

Photos. Blue Devil. 1: Hunter Grasslands. 2: Garden plant, Castlemaine 3: Baringhup grasslands. Carisbrook Road,