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African Love-grass - introduced (*Eragrostis curvula)

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Native of southern Africa. Perennial. C4.

Family. Poaceae (Grass family).


The spikelets are small (less than 1.5mm wide and 4-10mm long) .

It is a noxious weed and listed Regionally Controlled in central Victoria.

African Love-grass is a troublesome weed, particularly in irrigation districts. It can form a dense sward that crowds out other plants. It differs from Weeping Love-grass in that the lower branches of the flower clusters of African Love-grass are not in whorls (rings), the spikelets are not pressed to the branch arms, and it forms dense leafy tussocks.

eros: love; agrostis: grass, referring to the delicate flower clusters of some species; curvula: with a short sharp curve, referring the the curved leaves.

1, 2: Portions of the flower spray. The spikelets are dark coloured. 3: Flower spray with leaves. The leaf tips are curled. 5: African Love-grass tussock with curved leaves.