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Common Love-grass - native (Eragrostis brownii)

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Native. Perennial. C4.

Family. Poaceae (Grass family).


The leaves do not have raised glands, nor are there yellow stripes below the nodes (as is the case for Eragrostis cilianensis.)

It is a variable grass. The spikelets are 5-12mm long, and held at an angle to the branches (compared with some species where the spikelets are close to the branches). The florets are neatly arranged on either side of the spikelet, as is the case with many love grasses.

eros: love, agrostis: grass, referring to the delicate flower clusters of some species. brownii: honouring Robert Brown, a leading English botanist 1773-1858, and the botanist with Flinders on the Investigator.

1 - 3: Common Lovegrass. Castlemaine.