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Spider Grass - native (Enteropogon acicularis)

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spider grass spider grass spider grass

Native. Perennial. C4.

Family. Poaceae (Grass family).

A common grass in northern grasslands.

Other names: Umbrella Grass, Curley-windmill Grass.


The awned lemmas give the arms a distincive spikey appearance. Spider Grass differs from Windmill Grass (Chloris truncata) in that Windmall Grass has dark, squared-off lemmas. The lemmas of Spider Grass are pale and taper to a point.

Enteron: intestine; pogon: bear; acicularis: needle-shaped, slender.

1: A fertile lemma with sterile lemma. 2: Portion of an arm 3: Freshly opened flower spray. The arms are not yet spread out. Runnymede. 2: The radiating arms. The name "spider grass" is apt. Natya.