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Black-heads - native (Enneapogon nigricans)

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black-heads blackheads blackheads

Native. Perennial or annual. C4.

Family. Poaceae (Grass family).

Uncommon locally. Native grasslands and woodlands to the north.

Other names: Niggerheads.


The nine-awned lemmas are distinctive. The awns are about twice the length of the lemma body. The flower heads are dark coloured, hence the name 'black-heads'. Each spikelet has several florets, only one of which is fertile.

ennea: nine; pogon: a beard (Greek), referring to the 9-awned lemmas; nigricans: black, referring to the dark-coloured flowers.

1: Black-heads at Natya. 2: The distinctive 9-awned lemmas. 3, 4: The flower cluster is a contracted spray (panicle).