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Common Wheat-grass - native (Elymus scaber)

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Native. Perennial. C3.

Family. Poaceae (Grass family).

It is widespread in native grasslands and good quality roadsides.


As the flower dries, the awns take on a beautiful curve, making it easy to distinguish it from the other grasses. It is moderately tall, up to about a metre.

Sometimes there are only one or two spikelets.

Common Wheat-grass can be distinguished from other grasses with unequal glumes, and long-awned lemmas (e.g. vulpias) by the curved mature awns, and the stalkless flowers. Vulpias are shorter grasses, usually 30cm high or less.

Elymus: millet; scaber: rough to the touch.

1: The spikelets are attatched directly to the main stalk. 2: The distinctive curved awns. 3: Base of a spikelet. The first glume is much shorter than the lemmas. The second glume (at the back) is longer than the first glume. Walmer.