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Spike-rushes - native (Eleocharis species)

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Family: Cyperaceae (Sedge family). There are at least 3 species.

Common Spike-rush - native (Eleocharis acuta)

Occurrence: Widespread on swamps and lake edges.

Native to Australia, NZ and New Guinea.


rush1 rush2 rush3
1: Spike-rush flowers. Harcourt North. 2: Flower cluster. The name "spike" refers to the flower arrangement, in that the flowers are stalkless and attached diretly to the stems.
3: Dense Spike-rush, Lake Eppalock.


Tall Spike-rush (Eleocharis sphacelata)

Occurrence: Grows in water up to 5 metres deep.

Native to Australia and New Guinea.


Tall Spike-rush is used by basket makers.
rush1 rush3
1: The cylindrical flower cluster. Fryers Ridge.
2: Dense Tall Spike-rush. Lake Wendouree.
3: Tall Spike-rush growing in a wet depression. Enfield.

Small Spike-rush - native (Eleocharis pusilla)

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Native to Australia and New Zealand.


Occurrence: Damp areas e.g. at the edge of reservoirs.

Identification: It is a small spike-rush with very narrow stalks and usually growing to less than 15cm. Size alone is not sufficient for identification, as Common Spike-rush can have a similar size in hard conditions. Good magnification is needed to see flower details. However in general

1: Flower enlargement. 2: Pressed specimen. Moolort.