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Hedgehog Grass - native (Echinopogon ovatus)

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hedgehog grass hedgehog grass hedgehog grass

Native. Perennial. C3.

Family. Poaceae (Grass family).

Other names: Rough-bearded Grass.

Occurrence: Hedgehog Grass is rare in dry forests. It is more common in wetter areas e.g. higher rainfall forests and in depressions.


The bristly lemmas give the cluster a hedgehog-like appearance.

echinos: hedgehog, pogon: beard, referring to the bristly flowers. ovatus: egg-shaped, i.e. elliptical but broader at the base.

1. Lemmas with awns. Glenluce. 2, 3: Hedgehog Grass. The long-awned lemmas give a bristly appearance, hence "Hedgehog Grass". Grasses are wind pollinated, so access for animals to the flowers for pollination is not needed.