Plants of the Castlemaine District.

Pale Sundew - native (Drosera peltata)

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Family: Droseraceae (Sundew family).

Pale Sundew favours damp places e.g. damp gully flats or damp grassland. The leaves have sticky-insect catching hairs. Insects caught on the leaves are digested by the sundew.

It is moderately common in suitable habitats.


This sundew has sometime been considered one of two subspecies of D. peltata. The differences between the two former subspecies are
Pale Sundew (D. peltata) and Tall Sundew (D. auriculata) are

  Pale SundewTall Sundew
 Basal rosetteUsually presentUsually absent
 HabitatDamp gullies, damp grasslandDry or damp places
 HeightUsually to 20cm highUsually to 35cm high
 SepalsUsually hairyHairless

Photos 1: Pale Sundew. Strangways. The erect stalk is beginning to grow. 2: Eureka. 3,4: Spring Gully.