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Australian Anchor Plant - a native (Discaria pubescens)

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Family: Rhamnaceae ( Buckthorn family).

Native of Victoria.

Occurrence: The usual habitat is on basalt escarpments beside streams. It has been recorded at Newstead (by Major Mitchell), and along Joyces Creek.


Notes: Anchor Plant is an endangered species. Much of its habitat has been cleared for farmland or is weed infested. Although the adult plant is very prickly, the young plants are soft and readily eaten by stock.

VROTS: rare. Listed under the Fauna and Flora Guarantee Act.

Name. Discaria: Greek discos: a disc, referring to the fleshy flower disc.

Photos: 1. Anchor Plant in flower. Lal Lal Falls. Photo: Pat and Bill Murphy.
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2: The opposite spines on leafless branches is characteristic. Garden specimen.
3, 4: Flowers on a garden plant. Castlemaine. img3