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Reed Bent-grass -a native (Deyeuxia quadriseta)

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reed bent-grass reed bent-grass reed bent-grass reed bent-grass

Native. Perennial. C3.

Uncommon. It has been recorded from Fryers Ridge and Humboldt.


Recognise Reed Bent-grass from the dense cylindrical flower cluster, the awn which rises from near the base of the lemma, and the four small teeth at the apex of the lemma.

Deyeuxia: honouring N. Deyeux,1753-1837, professor of medicine and pharmacy, Paris; quadriseta: with four bristles.

1: Spikelet. The apex of the lemma has four teeth. 2 Part of the flower cluster showing the stalked spikelets. Metcalfe East.
3 Reed Bent-grass. Grampians. 4: Dense flower cluster.