Plants of the Castlemaine District

Monterey Cypress - introduced (*Cupressus macrocarpa)

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Family: Cupressaceae (Cypress family).

Native of California.

Occurrence: Scattered, usually close to planted specimens. An occasional bushland weed.


Monterey Cypress has an extensive root system, and few plants can grow in its vicinity. There are numerous cultivars. It is now widely planted in many countries.

Similar species. The native Cypress-pines are small trees and have tiny leaves in threes, arranged around the branchlets. Cypress has paired leaves, and the branchlets are flattened.

macrocarpa: referring to the large fruit.

1: Branch with cones.
2: Cypress Pine copse, Fryerstown Cemetery. Most of the trees appear to be self-sown.
3: Mature cones. The cones have shed seed.
4: Branch with new growth. Fryerstown. 5
img4 img4a