Is it a native?

Hawthorn - a weed (Crataegus monogyna)

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Other names: May.

Family: Rosaceae (Rose family).

Native of Europe.

Occurrence: Widespread in Central Victoria. Is more common in higher rainfall areas where it has sometimes been planted as a hedge plant.


The fruit are eaten by birds and foxes. Both of these animals contribute to the spread of Hawthorn.

It is a declared noxious weed, and listed as Restricted in central Victoria.

2 3" 4 5 Photo 1: Fruit and leaves with the distinctive toothed margins. 2: The flowers with 5 white petals, as is common to many other members of the rose family. 3: A Cockatoo helping to spread seeds. 4: Fruit. Portland. 5: Hawthorn in winter. Elphinstone.