Plants of the Castlemaine District

Midge Orchids - native (Corunastylis species)

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Family: Orchidaceae (Orchid family).

Native of South-eastern Australia.


Because of their small size and often dark flowers, they are inconspicuous.

Photos: Castlemaine district.

1: Dark Midge Orchid. (Corunastylis aff. rufa). The lateral sepals are upturned. Not hairy.
2: Fringed Midge Orchid (Corunastylis ciliata). The labellum is covered with short hairs. The lateral sepals are more or less erect.
3: Sharp Midge Orchid (Corunastylis despectans). Over-ripe flowers. The lateral sepals taper to a fine point. There are often numerous (up to 40) flowers.
Variable Midge Orchid (Corunastylis archeri) may also occur. Its labellum is fringed with hairs, and the lateral sepals are horizontal or pointing downward. midgemidgemidge

Dark Midge Orchid photos