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Pampas Grass - (*Cortaderia selloana)

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pampas grass pampas grass pampas grass pampas grass

Native to Argentina. Perennial. C3.

Family. Poaceae (Grass family).


The plants are either female or bisexual.

Until the 1970s, all Pampas Grass in Victoria was of a low-fertility female form. In the 1970-80s, imported seed contained high-fertility plants and bisexual plants, so that Pampas Grass has become a highly invasive species.

It is an environmental weed.

Cortaderia: Argentinian name for Pampas Grass; selloana: in honour of Friedrich Sellow, 1789-1831, a German botanist.

1, 2: Pampas Grass has been used for revegetation of mining sites. These examples are from Bendigo. 3, 4, 5: Feathery flower clusters.
6.Pampas Grass. Chewton, where it is rapidly extending its cover.

pampas grass